Message from the Parish Priest


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I Let us offer our grateful praise unto God Whom we adore and glorify in the Holy Trinity, as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We also thank the Almighty Lord for His Grace and mercy He bestows upon the Holy Orthodox Church.

We as members of the Body of Christ are also inspired by the teachings of the servants of our Lord, the Holy Fathers, Martyrs and Confessors, who through God’s guidance have left for us their writings to preserve us from error in interpretation, and to continually direct us toward the true faith (Orthodoxy) so that we may stay away from spiritual darkness and continue in the radiant light of spiritual knowledge.

Everyone is called upon to be a responsible member of the Church, all are called to be active, caring, forgiving and sincere members, to know and to understand the word of God by practicing our faith (Orthopraxia).

St. Maximos the confessor wrote:
“If we detect any trace of hatred in our heart against any man whatsoever for committing any fault, we are utterly estranged from love for God, since love for God absolutely precludes us from hating any man.”

Removing ourselves from evil, is not an easy task to accomplish. It can even become very difficult and painful. However, with faith, discipline, self-control and prayer we can become masters of our bodies and desires.

Let us make ourselves available to the spiritual means, which our Lord and His Holy Orthodox Church have placed at our disposal. This is why on the day of the Lord we should come to the Church to examine our lives, to come to repentance, and to ask for forgiveness for our sins from the Lord.

May His name be blessed forever.
Very Rev. Fr. George Podtepa