Church Library

With generous financial donations from Club Trident and with the commitment of Father George and several parish members, the Church Library has expanded in the last several years. The library has a collection of books and videos for both adults and children. An effort is made to add new items at frequent intervals throughout the year.

The Church Library Committee has established a mission to include and make available to parishioners a wide variety of resource materials that promote and enhance learning about the Ukrainian Orthodox faith. In addition to books and videos related to our Church and faith, there is an extensive collection of books and videos related to culture, history, local, provincial and national projects. Reference books and the currently available volumes of the History of Ukraine-Rus by Hurshevsky are part of the collection.

The Library Committee arranges a display of books and videos after Divine Liturgy on the last Sunday of each month in the parish auditorium. This provides an opportunity for members and guests to browse and sign out materials during the fellowship luncheon.

Everyone is encouraged to access the library which is located next to the front entrance of the Church.

For more information contact:

Chair of the Library Committee