CYMK – Ukrainian Orthodox Youth

CYMK at St. Elia’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church was first established in 1959, under patron name Simon Petlura and was sustained until 1981. Junior CYMK was rejuvenated yet again in 1999 under the expert guidance of Very Rev. George Podtepa and Head Advisor, Dobr. Olga Podtepa. Junior CYMK membership in the year 2003 stands at 26 registered members and all children are welcome to attend. CYMK holds their meetings every Friday at 7:00 pm in the Church auditorium.

The CYMK projects and activities help children and youth to discover and learn about the Ukrainian Orthodox Faith, and the Ukrainian heritage, customs, language, traditions and culture. The multi-faceted program includes weekly membership meetings, excursions and trips, athletic events and opportunities to attend summer camp. These activities all facilitate youth development in the spirit of Orthodox Christianity.

Some of the activities that the Cymk’ivtsi at St. Elia’s have undertaken are to make icons, candles, pysanky, perohe, paska, Ukrainian traditional wood carvings (rizba), and other craft projects. The youth have been taught the Lord’s Prayer (in English and Ukrainian), The Creed (in English), the CYMK Klych (Call), and many other verses. They have participated in St. Nicholas Concerts, Mother’s Day Concerts, Christmas Caroling, Taras Shevchenko Concerts, youth conferences, Bible studies, bowling tournaments, picnics, swimming, and other outings.

New members are always welcome.


Parent Advisor:
Mrs. Tammy Ewanec
Phone: (780) 471 6108

Father George Podtepa
Phone: (780) 477-2583.